Monday, October 30, 2006

Top 10 Dunks of Small NBA Players

NBA is a league of tall athletic guys who like to compete with each other to decide which one of them is better, stronger, and shoots sharper. That’s why it’s so cool to watch short guys on court who can do sometimes jaw-dropping things such as hard slamming and dunking while driving to the hoop or on a fast break, or even over big tall centers. So at rimrattle we decided to gather all those amazing things done by short NBA players at one place. Watch and enjoy!

A remark: when we say ‘short‘ we mean players who stand around 6 feet tall, that is in the range of 5’7” to 6’1”-6’2”. That’s in normal height at ‘regular conditions’ but for NBA, where there are players standing more than 7 feet, it’s not so impressive. So let’s move on with the Top 10 NBA dunks of small players:

10. Darrell Armstrong (6’1”). He’s proven that he can dunk. He once even participated in an NBA Slam Dunk contest. In this video he runs for a fast break and slams a two-handed reverse dunk.

9. Robert Pack playing for Denver Nuggets (his height is 6’1” sometimes referred to as 6’2”) runs to the hoop and dunks it as if there were no big center standing between him and the rim.

8. Derek Fisher (6’0”-6’1”) drives to the hoop and dunks over Shawn Bradley, a 7’6” center. Pretty cool.

7. And here comes Nate “the Great” Robinson, the new NBA slamdunking champion. While standing 5’9” he’s shown everybody he can dunk it much better than 7-footers. In this video he runs fast to the basket, gets a pass and slams it home as James Posey vainly tries to contain him.

6. Let’s recall Shawn Bradley again. Now this 7’6” guy is being posterized by Robert Pack. By the way, it’s not our last time when we mention Pack’s name…

5. We know this guy! His name is Robert Pack. Now he undermines the Shawn Kemp’s (6’10”) authority, who himself liked to dunk on people. Now he knows how it feels to be dunked on…

4. Kevin Johnson (6’1”) dunks on a big guy without hesitation. Cool!

3. Kevin Johnson doesn’t want to leave our rating without slamming the door… er… the ball hard over the menacing and most intimidating center of those days – Hakeem Olajuwon (7’0”)

2. We're getting closer to the top. Competition is tougher. Finally, we decided to name the guy who might not be dunking any more in the game (or very rarely) but still remains one of the best players in the league: Allen Iverson (6’0”). In this video he fearlessly drives to the basket and slams it over Rony Seikali (a 6’11” center).

1. It was hard to decide which one of those short dunking guys is better. But watching all those cool videos again and again we come to an unanimous decision. Look at this! The ‘old man’ Spud Webb (5’7” – the shortest ever dunker in the league) reminds us why he won his NBA Slamdunk title in 1986. Now he dunks in a game, slamming over Manute Bol (this player from Africa was 7’7” tall). Spud Webb completely changed our views at small players in NBA. We got used to their quickness but no one could think they can also fly and dunk the ball before Spud Webb showed it to us. He definitely deserves the top place as the pioneer who proved that 'small guys can dunk'.

Frankly, there are a couple of more dunks left behind the scenes. We hope to tell you about them in one of our next posts.