Friday, October 20, 2006

Michael Jordan was wrong again

Seems like Michael Jordan has made wrong predictions once more. Recently he stated "It's obvious that European players master the fundamentals better", "They have taken this aspect of the game to a higher level ... In the United States, we're too focused on the highlights, dunks and passes. It's not that we don't have the players we need, but putting together a team becomes difficult under these conditions". As for breingin a European tem to the NBA, "In the long term it's a good idea. The distance and the traveling would be a problem, but it's obvious that European teams are increasingly competitive. European basketball has become very strong and their players have contributed a lot to the development of the game. The United States now has problems beating them."

Well, in terms of playing again European team and under FIBA rules, he may be right. But recent Maccabi's loss to Toronto Raptors by 34 points that strongest European teams are not 100% ready to play that physical basketball practicing in NBA. Don't forget that Maccabi won 3 Euroleague championships in a row and only CSKA from Moscow could stop tham last year in the Euroleague finals. Yeah, Maccabi is not curently as stron as they used to be. They lost Anthony Parker and Sarunas Yasikiavichus who are playing in NBA right now. But CSKA who is the strongest European team also lost to Philladelphia 76ers in the final of NBA Europe Live Tour (by 14 pints - 85:71).

And take into account that key roles are now played in CSKA by former NBA players - Trajan Langdon and David Wanterpul. This still proves that European teams are not 100% ready to sustain through a long NBA regular season. They won't be able to recover enough to play 3 to 4 games a week at high level.

Within my memory it's the second wrong prediction made by Michael Jordan. first one was selecting Kwame Brown no. 1 at the NBA draft. Now it's obvious that Kwame is not as good as Jordan said about him. He couldn't convert his skills and talents (if any) into solid adn stable performance on court.

If you have any other mistakes done by Jordan in his predictions coming up to your mind, you're welcome to share it in the comments.

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