Thursday, January 25, 2007

NBA Arenas on Map

Have you ever wanted to know where exactly NBA teams play? Have you ever wanted to know what NBA teams' locations look like on the US map?

I have. I guess, that's why I've created this interactive map. Now you can easily locate your favorite team arena and view it as though you were flying over it (Sorry, I couldn't make it feel as though you were sitting at the VIP seats. But I swear I tried).

Enjoy the power of Google Maps features: in the upper left corner use "+" and "-" to zoom in and zoom out, respectively. In order to switch between map view and sattelite view, use the respective buttons in the upper right corner. Panning is done by holding your mouse's left button and dragging the map. By clicking those basketballs you'll pop out a balloon with a brief information on each arena.

Hope, you'll like it.

PS I'd appreciate if let me know on mistakes you might find. Use comments to this post. Thanks.

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